Watchlist: Using ‘Free’ Online Services
CC licensed by a4gpa

Free online services may not cost you any money to use, however, it is important to be aware that there is still a transaction taking place between you and the providing company. Rather than paying in money, you are paying with information about yourself.

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Watchlist: Copyright and fair use
CC licensed by Nancy L. Stockdale

Much of the content we share on the web, such as articles, pictures and videos, is subject to copyright law. Australia does not currently have a system of fair use in copyright.

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Watchlist: Encryption

Encryption is important to protect your privacy on the web, and stop your personal information or messages from being eavesdropped on.

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Joint Submission for the United Kingdom’s Universal Periodic Review

Every five years, the United Nations reviews each state’s compliance with international human rights law in its ’Universal Periodic Review.’ This is the most comprehensive human rights review mechanism at the disposal of the UN’s Human Rights Council. In 2017, the United Kingdom faces its Universal Periodic Review. Digital Rights Watch supports this report focusing on […]

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