Digital Rights Watch stands for Privacy, Democracy, Fairness & Freedom in a digital age.

We advocate for fair access to digital technology, which is essential to a range of human rights. We also believe in fair access to content online, which allows people to engage with creative work in ways that also foster innovation and creativity.

In order to uphold Australians’ right to Fairness online, Digital Rights Watch:

  • Monitors the use of website blocking legislation.
  • Advocates for copyright reform on key issues including: fair use to safeguard user rights and promote innovation in Australia; expanded safe harbours to promote freedom of speech and innovation; expanded, stable exceptions to digital rights management and anti-circumvention laws.

The internet has heralded an explosion of human creativity and collaboration. This offers an unprecedented chance for people all over the world to be exposed a diverse range of writing, art, music and video. It is important that this kind of innovation and creativity is nurtured. Fair access is about protecting the rights of people to engage with this content in a way that also respects the rights of creators or rights-holders.

At present, copyright laws are very powerful, and have started to impact the freedom and openness of the internet. We understand rights-holders need to have their rights protected, but we think this should be a fair exchange and should not be used as a justification for placing onerous regulatory burdens on the internet. We believe that copyright laws need to be updated to reflect advancement in digital technology and strike a fair balance between users and rights-holders.

A free and open internet is the cornerstone of a modern approach to human rights.