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Digital rights are human rights which see their expression online

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Digital rights workshop at auIGF

Digital Rights Watch joined a panel workshop at the Australian Internet Governance Forum in October 2016, looking at the development of digital rights in Australia and assessing the current state of play.

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Freedom of speech under threat globally: UN

New UN report details the widespread global assault on the freedom of expression, including digital rights and access to the internet.

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Amnesty ranks technology companies on encryption and human rights

In this report, Amnesty International ranks 11 technology companies on whether they are meeting their human rights responsibilities by using encryption to protect users’ right to privacy online.

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Privacy advocates support data breach legislation

Digital Rights Watch welcomes the Government’s move to introduce a mandatory data breach notification scheme.

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Digital Defenders guide to privacy

A graphic novel from European Digital Rights, designed to help young people between 10-14 years understand how to protect their privacy.

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Watchlist: data brokers

Most people are not aware of the fact that there is an entire industry of companies whose business model is based around collecting these fragmented datasets, linking them and analysing them to form a profile of an individual consumer. Known as data miners, you may never have heard of these companies – but they’ve almost certainly heard of you.

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