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Privacy Tools

privacytools.io is a socially motivated website that provides information for protecting your data security and privacy.

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Lack of oversight on offshoring of data retention shows scheme should be scrapped

Digital Rights Watch has renewed calls for Australia’s mandatory data retention scheme to be scrapped, after revelations that the Government has no oversight over whether telecommunication companies are storing data outside of Australia’s borders. “When this legislation was first introduced, it was predicated on telcos having to detail their data storage capacity, processes and security […]

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Watchlist: Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act

Section 18C of Australia’s Racial Discrimination Act makes it unlawful for a person to commit an act that offends, insults, humiliates or intimidates another based-on race on the internet. Why is this so controversial? Allow us to explain.

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What’s all this about allowing civil parties access to metadata?

The Attorney General recently asked for submissions about the potential use of metadata collected for the purposes of the data retention regime in civil cases. You can read our submission here. For those interested, this is a quick summary. The core justification made for the data retention scheme at the time it was being debated […]

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Attorney General’s Department consultation into access to telecommunications data in civil proceedings

Our submission to the Attorney-General’s review into access to telecommunications data in civil proceedings.

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Democracy demands transparency in trade negotiations

It’s copyright week! This week, we’re joining a group of organisations in reflecting on how copyright policy can promote, and not diminish, a robust, accessible public domain.

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