Excellent overview of why you should set up a VPN and how to go about it.


One thought to “How to set up a VPN and why you should”

  • Jezza

    Great initiative to create more awareness on digital security and privacy in Australia, really! But I am not so sure if you should want to get an account with any of these third-party VPNs in the USA and UK – anyone who still trusts the NSA and GHCQ, and/or the Canadian, Australian/New Zealand equivalents and their respective governments (or the really powerful people at Facebook, Google, Skype, Whatsapp and what not…)? Romanian based CyberGhost is a good choice though, as are various others like NordVPN, AirVPN, Mullvad and BolehVPN. Also, using Windows 10 means that you’re basically giving away anything on your computers straight to Microsoft despite any VPN you might be using, and Apple provides proprietary software only, too – why not suggest an OS that has no ties to the infamous PRISM program and gives freedom to its users like Trisquel (very useable and pretty easy to install for most people), gNewSense or Parabola GNU/Linux, if you want to defend ‘digital’ rights (which are, or should really be, human rights)?

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