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Digital Rights Watch


Our vision is for a digital world where all humanity can thrive, and where diversity and creativity flourishes.

Digital Rights Watch exists to ensure fairness, freedoms and fundamental rights for all people who engage in the digital world.

Privacy & Security

We believe in the fundamental right to privacy for all.

Personal Information & Data Rights

We believe governments, corporations and organisations should uphold basic privacy rights.

Power, Access & Technology

We advocate for increased transparency, accountability and oversight over the use of data.

Journalism & Information Flows

We believe in the value of strong, effective & accountable journalism.

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Tell the Australian government: get privacy right

Call upon Attorney General Mark Dreyfus to prioritise real privacy reform to keep Australians safe online.

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End warrantless device searches at the border

Sign the petition to tell Border Force to get a warrant before conducting privacy-invasive device searches.

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