Tell the Australian government: it’s time to get privacy right

Our right to privacy is essential to uphold our democracy, rein in corporate power, and for a safe and fair digital future. It’s time to get privacy right. 

Privacy is a human right, but too many companies and government agencies are getting it wrong.

Australia’s Privacy Act does not adequately protect people’s privacy. It is woefully out of date and unfit for purpose in the modern digital economy. It’s time for the Australian government to bring Australia’s privacy protections into the 21st century.

Invading privacy is big business, and companies will try to weaken these reforms. We need to keep up the public pressure and make sure this chance to secure real privacy reform isn’t wasted. 

Join the fight to get privacy right. Here’s what you can do

The Attorney-General’s department is currently seeking feedback on their suite of proposals to reform Australia’s Privacy Act. Opportunities for meaningful privacy reform don’t come around often so we can’t waste this chance.

  • Learn more! Come along to our free online submission writing workshop on 16 March 2023. Register here.
  • Tell the Attorney General that it’s time to get privacy right. Make a submission or complete the survey to share your view on the proposals in the Privacy Act Review Report by 31 March 2023
  • Spread the word! We need to send a clear message to the Australian government that people demand strong privacy protections and that we expect politicians to put our privacy before corporate interests.

Protecting privacy is important, here’s why

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