Privacy Act Review – Submission Writing Workshop

Do you want to contribute to the fight for better privacy protection in Australia? Are you perhaps unsure about where to start, or what to focus on?

After over two years of consultation and review of the Privacy Act, the Attorney General’s Department has released the final report and is currently seeking feedback that will shape the final direction of the Privacy Act review.

Now is the moment to send the Attorney-General a clear message: everyday people demand meaningful privacy reform, strong protections in the digital age, and expect the Australian government to put privacy before private interests.

We need you to contribute to this call! To help, we’re hosting an interactive workshop session to guide you through the process of making a submission.

Invading our privacy is big business, and we expect companies to spend big on watering these reforms down. We need to keep up the pressure to ensure this chance to secure real privacy reform isn’t wasted.

Submission writing workshop details

  • 1pm AEST, Thursday 16 March 2023
  • Online and free, register here to receive a link to join!  

In this session we’ll:

  • Discuss the proposals contained within the Privacy Act Review Report
  • Give an overview of DRW’s position, what we think is important to cover in a submission and answer questions about the process
  • Consider the questions posed in the AG’s survey

No prior experience in privacy is necessary, we will respond to the needs of the group and there will be lots of chances for questions and discussion.