Event: Beyond Privacy

‘Lawfulness’ is routinely referred to by state agencies as the benchmark for appropriate surveillance. But how might the law, intended as a safeguard, actually be used to undermine a democratic system of checks and balances?

This panel explores how laws protect the privacy of Australians against mass surveillance. Is Australia’s Privacy Act a meaningful safegaurd? What difference does a bill of rights make for protecting against surveillance related harms? How does Australia compare with countries that have a bill of rights, such as Canada or the US?

Tuesday 17 May

Deakin MCC
Lvl 3, 550 Bourke St, Melb

Christopher Parsons – Citizen Lab, University of Toronto
Chris Berg – Digital Rights Watch
Darren Palmer – Deakin Criminology
Katie Miller – Office of the Victorian Government Solicitor’s Office

Presented by Deakin Criminology and Digital Rights Watch