UN inquiry into freedom of expression in telcos and the internet

The UN Special Rapporteur on the protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression is conducting a study on freedom of expression in the telecommunications and Internet access sector. He will examine State regulation and action that affect access to telecommunications and Internet networks and services, particularly those provided by Telcos and ISPs.

We¬†see a fundamental connection between freedom of expression, digital privacy and a free and open internet, and so we’ve taken this opportunity to provide the Special Rapporteur with a submission, outlining a number of areas in which these values are compromised in laws and practices in Australia.

These include:

  • Australia’s mandatory data retention regime
  • Recent changes to our copyright system, including the website blocking regime
  • Executive powers over the telecommunications industry
  • Removal of content at the request of the eSafety Commissioner
  • The Australian Privacy principles
  • The growing digital divide within Australia
  • Overall approaches toward standards and governance of Telcos, privacy, technology and the internet

Read our full submission to the inquiry here.