Digital rights groups launch campaign to protect encryption

Pic courtesy Access Now

The Turnbull government is planning to introduce dangerous legislation that would require companies to undermine their own security tools to facilitate government access.

Experts from all over the world have determined there is simply no way to provide this kind of exceptional access to the police without also creating vulnerabilities criminals could exploit to access our data. Yet the Australian Government still wants to pursue a legal mandate that would weaken security, and have so far refused to provide any technical details.

When this bill comes up in Parliament, we need MPs to be ready to stand up for privacy, security, and free expression. Sign the petition at to help send a message that we support strong encryption!

We get that Australians are facing real threats. But this plan will not only do little — if anything — to help prevent or investigate crime, it may even make matters worse. The government is refusing to provide any detail or consultation about their proposal, and — even more vexing — is refusing to accept that weakening digital security does not make us safer.

That’s why we’re asking you to proactively tell the government you reject any legislation that will undermine our digital security. Sign the petition at today. 

You can also read our detailed policy brief that outlines the impacts of encryption protection and its role in Australia.