As Australians consider how to cast their votes in the 2019 Federal Election, we wanted to ensure that some key digital rights policies are highlighted and addressed.

That’s why we’ve compiled a handy scorecard of the major political party’s stance on these policy areas:

  • Protecting privacy, including policies on metadata retention, facial recognition and internet filters
  • The right to use encrypted communications, most notably around the support for the Assistance and Access Act 2018
  • Copyright reform, including support for safe harbour and fair use
  • Ethics in government use of citizen’s data, including Centrelink robo-debt, oversight of surveillance agencies and My Health Record rollout.

You can also download a PDF version of the scorecard here.

The fine print:

  • We sent out a survey to all major political parties, looked at their public policy platforms and analysed prior voting history.
  • The full detail of our analysis and ranking is available here.
  • We encourage voters to read further details on specific policies as available on political party websites.
  • We surveyed a selection of registered political parties, not independents, that are fielding candidates in the 2019 Federal Election.
  • Digital Rights Watch does not endorse or support any particular political party.