Digital Rights Advent Calendar

It’s just what you wished for!

We curated 24 days of digital rights activities and resources.
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Please note, many of these links will take you to websites outside of Digital Rights Watch
  • READ: All I want for Christmas is to stop normalising surveillance
  • DO: Set up two-factor authentication
  • LISTEN: From your face to their database
  • WATCH: Me & my shadow video
  • EXPLORE: how you're tracked online
  • DO: Install Privacy Badger
  • LISTEN: Edward Snowden talks about 'Permanent Record'
  • READ: 'One Nation, Tracked'
  • EXPLORE: Atlas of Surveillance
  • DO: Join our campaign for Digital Rights Cities
  • EXPLORE: Everyday Encryption Game
  • DO: Find out if your email has been compromised
  • DO: Set up a password manager (LastPass)
  • WATCH: Shoshana Zuboff explains surveillance capitalism
  • EXPLORE: Mozilla's guide to unfck the internet
  • LIsten: Control Over Users, Competitors, and Critics
  • READ: Interactive article on encrypted messaging
  • Watch: The Disturbing Psychology 'The Social Dilemma' Didn't Tell You
  • EXPLORE: Digital Detox Tips
  • Listen: Note to Self - Kids and Screens
  • Watch: Eva Galperin explains stalkerware
  • READ: Tracking Phones, Google Is a Dragnet for the Police
  • WATCH: How power translates to online spaces with Rashad Robinson
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