Rebalance the Internet Economy: IMAGINE

IMAGINE …a world without the written word.

Are digital platforms taking the creative arts for granted? With declining income across the board for creative industries, it seems more like social media is an empty vessel of the platform economy than a haven for artists to share their work and reach new audiences. How are writers finding their experiences online? Do they get to experience the benefit of the open and free internet or have digital platforms moved too far into extractivism? 

The IMAGINE event is the second of our four-part event series as part of our community-based research project to Rebalance the Internet Economy. In this event we will be delving deep into the relationship between writers, poets, bloggers, wordsmiths, publishers, editors, and digital platforms.

Those who use the internet and digital platforms to develop, promote, and sell their writing and ideas online experience unique issues and challenges. We want to raise the profile of these issues and challenges, making sure the Internet remains inclusive, fair, open, free, and secure into the future.

The internet was heralded as a place where freedom of expression would thrive, but has it?

Is the content we see when we browse the internet a true reflection of our interests or are algorithms focused on serving us things we find palatable and catchy? How is the internet changing how writers write, and what readers read?  In an online space where everything is guided by the invisible hands of design teams and engineers, it’s increasingly difficult for writers to understand why, when and how, their work is shared. Can individuals have a say when their livelihoods depend on it?

Join us to hear from our speakers coming from a range of creative perspectives, to IMAGINE how we might Rebalance the Internet Economy to better serve creators, and then share your experiences and perspectives too!


Rebecca Giblin

Associate Professor Rebecca Giblin is an ARC Future Fellow at Melbourne Law School, leading interdisciplinary teams to build evidence about how intellectual property arrangements and other regulations actually work in practice.

Patrick Lenton

Patrick Lenton is a freelance journalist and author, and the deputy arts and culture editor at The Conversation. He was formerly the editor of Junkee. He tweets @patricklenton

Kimberley Benjamin

Currently based in Narrm/Melbourne, Kimberley is a proud Yawuru, Bardi and Kija woman from Rubibi/Broome, WA. As a filmmaker, her drive is to tell stories that are truthful, impactful and celebrate the strength and resilience of First Nations people.

Roslyn Orlando Moir

Roslyn is a multidisciplinary artist, writer, curator, and the Director of Next Wave, Australia’s most comprehensive platform supporting emerging and experimental artists. Roslyn’s work explores the ways new technologies produce language, communication, and meaning.