The State of Digital Rights: A 2021 Retrospective

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Each year, we invite activists, writers, academics, and technologists to reflect upon the State of Digital Rights. It is our hope that the analysis and policy recommendations contained in this report will document important tech policy developments, contribute to nuanced public debate on digital rights issues in Australia, and assist the growth of the digital rights movement into the future.

“We collate this report as part of a commitment to building a vibrant and diverse community of people who think about digital rights from all angles. We want to encourage conversations, not dictate them, so would welcome your feedback. Notwithstanding the grave problems we face, we remain optimistic about the future of our movement, and the role technology can play in facilitating human rights. If you share this vision, please consider joining us.”Lizzie O’Shea, Chair of Digital Rights Watch

Digital Rights Watch has also published 2018 and 2020 editions of the report.

A big thank you to our 2021 contributors:

‘The continued culture of surveillance’ – Lucie Krahulcova & Kieran Pender

‘News Media Bargaining Code entrenches platform power’ – Dr Jake Goldenfein

‘Automation is changing work–not erasing it’ – Lauren Kelly

‘Repeated census fails highlight need for human rights’ – Lilly Ryan & Tom Sulston

‘COVID-19, technology, and racialised surveillance’ – Dhakshayini Sooriyakumaran

‘Innovation under digital colonialism’ – Kathryn Gledhill-Tucker

‘Compromising sex worker safety for a sanitised internet’ – Gala Vanting

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