In accordance with the Digital Rights Watch Donations Policy, we maintain a public list of the following donation/grant sources:

  • Individual donations over $1000
  • Non-profit organisational donations over $13,000
  • All for-profit organisational donations
  • All non-profit grants, including purpose and scope of grant

This is in addition to reporting responsibilities under the ACNC, ATO and relevant Australian legislation.

Financial year: 2019/20

Individual donations:

  • Thoughtworks Australia: $9,354.16

Financial year: 2018/19

Individual donations:

  • Richard de Nys: $1,200.00
  • Working Dog Productions: $5,000.00


  • Department of Social Services: $2,000.00 for volunteer training
  • Centre for Australian Progress: $6,650.00 for organisational core funding
  • Access Now: $3,300.00 for encryption campaign coordination

Financial year: 2017/19


  • LUSH: $15,750.00 for digital rights education resources