Mission & Principles

Our mission is to ensure that Australians are equipped, empowered and enabled to uphold their digital rights.
We believe that digital rights are human rights which see their expression online.

We are a progressive change organisation and we believe that robust digital rights are essential for society to change for the better.

We recognise that individuals alone cannot bear the onus for protecting their rights and privacy. A healthy digital future will be built on strong regulation both of government and corporations. This regulation must be grounded in a respect for our fundamental human rights.

We recognise that the technology industry has failed to represent the best interests of historically-marginalised people.

We note that the digital debate in Australia is dominated by large technology companies, who are also heavily lobbying our government. We act as a counterbalance to this laissez-faire capitalist world-view.

We are non-partisan and will work across the political spectrum to achieve our vision of a fair digital society for all Australians.

As the Internet is global in nature, so is our understanding of the issues. We partner with like-minded sister organisations across the globe.

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