City Councillors For Digital Rights

Australian Cities For Digital Rights

Australians expect to be able to live their lives without being watched, monitored and tracked. The concept that our cities need to be ‘smart’ needs to be managed alongside the freedoms of the people who inhabit them.

If you are a member of a local government council or senior leadership, here are a few suggestions of actions for local government:

1. Request your local council stand up for your local community’s digital rights by signing on to the Cities for Digital Rights initiative.

2. Pass a motion through council that outlines a commitment to protecting citizen’s rights to privacy, security and digital autonomy.

3. Host a local community forum on the topic of Digital Rights to discuss support for signing on to the Cities for Digital Rights initiative.

4. Host a Securi-Tea digital security workshop at your local library or community centre that educates members of the public on how to properly protect themselves in digital spaces. Contact us to find out more.

5. Write to your State or Territory Government outlining concerns and requesting that Cities be given the right to define their own technological infrastructures, services and agenda, through open and ethical digital service standards and data arrangements.