Report: Rebalancing The Internet Economy

The Rebalancing The Internet Economy report investigated the impact that global digital platforms are having on local creative workers and industries.

To understand how the internet economy could work better for the local communities, we spoke to hundreds of people who rely on the internet to do their work. This included sex workers, artists, musicians, writers, community organisers and people who work in the industries that support and distribute these creative workers. They have all experienced big shifts in the way they work and make an income as digital platforms have disrupted their industries.

The report found that the growing hold that for-profit digital platforms have over audiences is making life harder for creative workers and threatening the unique cultural lives of communities across Australia.

Musicians, artists, writers and other creative workers are under increasing stress as digital platforms lock-in audiences and force artists to accept revenue models that underpay creators.

The report recommends that the government play a more active role both in regulating the internet economy, supporting creative workers and fostering local and publicly-owned alternatives to big-tech.