Show us your digital rights

Are you a budding graphic designer, artist, sketcher or otherwise creative person? We need you! Yes, you.

We’re launching our ‘design a new sticker for Digital Rights Watch’ competition.

We’re pretty into our stickers, and we’ve already got a few that are available for our supporters. These are great ways for people to show their passion for digital rights, by plastering their digital devices, cars and guitar cases.

But we’re looking for some new designs, to refresh our collection and inspire a whole new generation of digital rights activists!

So show us your design skills!

You might want to come up with some new, hilariously witty slogans for our bumper stickers, or design a new mascot, or just play around with some amazingly avant-garde artwork!

We’ll be running this competition throughout 2019, with a winner announced later in the year. The ultimate prize? A LOT of your sticker designs arriving in the post, as well as some cool technology toys to play with.

For the detailed designers, you can download our logo here, and our signature colour is yellow (#ffed10). But we also welcome any and all entries – even those photographs of sketches on the back of a napkin.

Send in your entry