Surveillance using face recognition technologies is on the rise, all across Australia. It’s being used by local councils, corporations, government departments and telecommunication companies – all without you even noticing.

It's time that we stopped this.

We’re campaigning against unwarranted and invasive facial recognition systems that are being used all around us. In schools, airports, high streets, police stations and banks. All with very little oversight as to who accesses the data, where it goes and how much control you have over your personal privacy.

We’re also calling on Australian local governments and city councils to sign up to the United Nations' global declaration to protect, promote and monitor residents’ and visitors’ digital rights.

Facial recognition surveillance is unethical

Invading privacy

They invade our privacy – we cannot be anonymous in public spaces and our privacy is invaded no matter where we go. Facial recognition systems track and record our movements – even if we have done nothing wrong. We must have a right to privacy and anonymity as we move through our towns and cities.

Creating bias

They are inaccurate and biased – research suggests that the technologies are delivering inaccurate results and are discriminatory – especially when the technologies attempt to recognise people with darker complexions. They often produce false positives that are built on existing racist, sexist or classist bias within law enforcement and judicial systems.

No oversight

There are no regulations or laws to govern the technologies – currently, Australia has no regulatory or legal frameworks that govern facial recognition technologies. This means that companies, governments and their staff can do whatever they like without legal oversight.

You can help

Contact your local government

Write to your council

Ban mass surveillance facial recognition

Ban mass surveillance facial recognition


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