Tell Labor to defend encryption

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The Australian Government have introduced a draft Bill [The Assistance and Access Bill 2018] designed to compel device manufacturers and service providers to assist law enforcement in accessing encrypted information. Although apparently developed to allow government agencies access to criminals’ encrypted communications, the Bill also grants broad, sweeping powers to government agencies that will harm the security and stability of our communications and the internet at large.

The government asked the public for feedback, with submissions closing on September 10, 2018. But they then immediately introduced it to Parliament, where it currently is sitting before an inquiry.

Here’s our top three concerns with this Bill:

  1. Creates obligations on technology producers and communication providers, forcing them to work for law enforcement agencies;
  2. Creates powers that would allow police to seize information directly from a device; and
  3. Allows government operatives to access more data through current warrants.

You can read the full detail of our concerns in our submission to the government.

The Government have jumped the gun, and introduced the Bill into Parliament with only minor amendments from the initial draft. They clearly haven’t even bothered to read the many concerns that have been raised by people like you.

Take action

The Bill is before the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security, who will be looking at it in detail over the coming weeks. This is our opportunity to make it clear to our MPs that we do not support this attempt to break encryption and violate our privacy.

Call your Labor MP

We need the Labor opposition to stop this Bill becoming law. Can you take 5 minutes to call your Labor MP now?

We’ve put together a few points on how to talk to your Labor MP – what they need to hear, and how to report back to us once you’re done. It’s a few minutes out of your day that can have a huge impact.

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