Beyond Privacy video

Didn’t get a chance to come to our panel discussion about Australia’s Privacy laws? You can still watch the whole discussion here.

Only truth: a symposium on Internet privacy

Part CryptoParty, part symposium, Only Truth is a series of talks and practical guides that will equip the average internet user with information and open source tools to protect their communication, privacy, and security.

Event: Beyond Privacy

‘Lawfulness’ is routinely referred to by state agencies as the benchmark for appropriate surveillance. But how might the law, intended as a safeguard, actually be used to undermine a democratic system of checks and balances? This panel explores how laws protect the privacy of Australians against mass surveillance.

Digital Rights Watch at RightsCon

Digital Rights Watch board member Lizzie O’Shea has been talking all things privacy, security, surveillance and copyright at the US RightsCon event in Silicon Valley.

Big Data, Big Opportunities

cc licensed flickr user luckey_sun

Big data can tell us a lot about the problems and people human rights advocates are working with, but we have to ensure we use this information responsibly. Lizzie O’Shea writes on the Human Rights Opportunities and Challenges Presented by Big Data.

Protecting Yourself From Mandatory Data Retention

The Government and ALP regime of mass electronic surveillance – mandatory data retention for every man, woman and child, and every device in the country – started in October 2015. Senator Scott Ludlam explains how to get around it.

Take action to protect the Australian Internet

The Australian government is pursuing a draconian policy agenda that threatens every aspect of the way we use the Internet. Take action to keep the Internet open, free and just.

Urging Sweden and the UK to free Julian Assange

Digital Rights Watch signed on to the following open statement: “We the undersigned, including legal and human rights organisations, academics, and policymakers condemn the reactions of the governments of Sweden …

Government haste lays waste to consultation

Inadequate consultation and seemingly unnecessary haste in drafting and passing certain laws has been a shared frustration linking diverse policy issues in the past year.