Senate changes to encryption legislation are a step in the right direction
Pic: Christiaan Colen

Whilst amendments to the Assistance and Access Bill 2018 which passed the Senate today are an important step towards addressing serious concerns, the entire legislation is flawed and should be repealed, said Digital Rights Watch. “We welcome the passage of amendments put forward by Labor that address the creation of systemic weaknesses in our encrypted […]

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McKell Cybersecurity Policy Luncheon
Image: McKell Institute

Join the McKell Institute for a panel and forum on data security, encryption and the Assistance and Access Act 2018. Panellists will speak about their involvement with the Bill and the Inquiry. Speakers: Arthur Kopsias – NSW Police Force Lizzie O’Shea – Digital Rights Watch John Stanton – Communications Alliance Monday 4 March 2019, 12:30pm-2pm. […]

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Security Planner

Hosted by the Citizen Lab, this tool asks a few simple questions to generate personalized online safety recommendations.

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Open letter on the Terrorism Database

Digital Rights Watch has joined with dozens of organisations and academics in signing an open letter about the EU’s proposed Regulation on Preventing the Dissemination of Terrorist Content Online, and in particular the Regulation’s call for Internet hosts to use “proactive measures” to detect terrorist content. Key concerns include: Lack of transparency of how the […]

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Victorian pushback on surveillance of students welcomed by privacy experts

Digital Rights Watch has today commended the Victorian Government for pushing back on a Federal Government proposal to operate facial recognition programs within state schools. “We’re very pleased to see Victorian Education Minister James Merlino stand up to this highly invasive and problematic proposal,” said Digital Rights Watch Chair Tim Singleton Norton. The software was […]

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Defending Encryption

In December 2018, the Australian Parliament passed laws designed to compel device manufacturers and service providers to assist law enforcement in accessing encrypted information. Although apparently developed to allow government agencies access to criminals’ encrypted communications, the Assistance and Access Act grants broad, sweeping powers to government agencies that will harm the security and stability […]

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One giant step backwards for cyber security in encryption bill fiasco
Image: Fairfax media

Australia will soon be relegated to the backwaters of the global digital community. We will no longer have a functioning security software industry, nor will we have faith in the safety of our telecommunications systems. Our elected representatives in Canberra have passed into law an obscene bill that will have long-lasting impacts on the infrastructure […]

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Australian Parliament ignores overwhelming evidence against Encryption Bill

Digital Rights Watch have slammed both the Government and the Labor Opposition for passing the Assistance and Access Bill through the Lower House of Parliament today. “The fundamental fact remains that the powers being handed out to law enforcement are ill-informed, badly drafted and a gross overreach,” said Digital Rights Watch Chair Tim Singleton Norton. […]

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