Cyber attacks show need for robust encryption
Image: Brian Klug

Revelations by US, UK and Dutch authorities of the targeting of critical cyber systems and infrastructure by foreign nation state actors demonstrates the need for robust cybersecurity at all levels, warned Digital Rights Watch today. “This is a clear example of the importance of protecting security online. The diversity of these attacks shows that online, […]

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Slow down, stop and listen

Consumers, human rights groups, industry, telcos and technology companies join forces to sound alarm at Government’s spyware legislation A diverse group of consumer representatives, human rights organisations, industry, technology and telecommunications companies has today joined forces under the banner Alliance for a Safe and Secure Internet with a plea to the Government to slow down, […]

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Encryption legislation being introduced to Parliament ignores active consultation

Digital Rights Watch today expressed deep concerns at reports that the Coalition Joint Party Room has approved the Telecommunications and Other Legislation Amendment (Assistance and Access) Bill 2018 to be introduced to Parliament. “It is simply outrageous that the Government would move to introduce legislation that is currently undergoing an active review process within one […]

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Government attempts to break encryption must be withdrawn: privacy experts

Australia’s foremost privacy experts have called for draft legislation that would grant law enforcement the power to effectively break encryption and damage key technological infrastructure, to be withdrawn. In a submission written by Digital Rights Watch, Australian Privacy Foundation, Electronic Frontiers Australia, Future Wise, Queensland Council for Civil Liberties, New South Wales Council for Civil […]

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Failure to approve Chelsea Manning a visa sends chilling message on freedom of speech
Chelsea Manning - image courtesy Think Inc

The Government’s failure to approve a visa in time for human rights defender Chelsea Manning to enter Australia for a series of speaking events has been strongly condemned by a coalition of human rights organisations. Amnesty International and several of Australia’s top human rights organisations have said the lack of decision is chilling and is […]

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Privacy advocates release satirical video on proposed encryption legislation

Digital Rights Watch and The Juice Media have this week released a video designed to more clearly inform the Australian public about the impact of proposed legislation that would grant law enforcement unprecedented new powers, including to develop the capacity to circumvent encryption. The satirical video, which has already amassed more than 250,000 views after […]

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Human rights groups and experts call on the Australian government to reject plans to undermine encryption

Today, a global coalition led by civil society and technology experts sent a letter asking the government of Australia to abandon plans to introduce legislation that would undermine strong encryption. The letter calls on government officials to become proponents of digital security and work collaboratively to help law enforcement adapt to the digital era.

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