Statement to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Law Enforcement

Australian Privacy Foundation representatives Dr Adam Molnar and Dr Monique Mann recently gave evidence at the Joint Parliamentary Committee on Law Enforcement Inquiry on the impact of new and emerging information and communications technology. They emphasized the importance of not undermining or weakening encryption.

Internet Freedom Hack: Defending Truth

Digital Rights Watch is proud to support the Internet Freedom Hack, happening this year in Melbourne and Brisbane between 20-22 April.

Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day is an opportunity to raise awareness of the safe and positive use of digital technology, and to explore the role we can all play in creating a better and safer online community.

The Role of Encryption in Australia

Pic courtesy Access Now

Encryption is essential to the digital society, and encryption is only effective if it is robust. A new memo on the Role of Encryption in Australia from Access Now.

Digital Rights in Australia: Report

The University of Sydney have published a report into Digital Rights in Australia, which explores urgent questions about the nature of our rights now and into the future.

An open letter to Attorney General George Brandis

An open letter in relation to the treatment of peaceful activists protesting United States military operations facilitated by surveillance conducted at Australia’s Pine Gap facility.

Attacks on encryption

A report on our recent event held at QUT on the state of encryption in Australia.

Fair copyright

Right now the government is considering whether to introduce fair use. Let’s tell them – we need fair use now.

Get a VPN

We’re declaring Thursday 13 April to be National Get A VPN Day. It’s time to protect yourself.

Watchlist: Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act

Section 18C of Australia’s Racial Discrimination Act makes it unlawful for a person to commit an act that offends, insults, humiliates or intimidates another based-on race on the internet. Why is this so controversial? Allow us to explain.