DIY Cybersecurity for Domestic Violence

When you’re threatened by your partner, you can always reach out to a domestic violence professional. But whenever you need to protect yourself online, you’re not alone.

It isn’t just greedy corporations using and abusing your private data

The Cambridge Analytica revelations have spawned outrage across the world, as well they should. The mass manipulation of millions of individual Facebook users, psychometric profiling to reveal potential pressure points, micro-targeted advertising and black-ops electoral interference are certainly something worthy of the headlines.

Defend privacy and encryption from the Five Eyes

Digital Rights Watch has called for Australian citizens to defend the right to privacy and resist any plans to undermine encryption that may result from the meeting of the Five Eyes governments today.

Get a VPN

We’re declaring Thursday 13 April to be National Get A VPN Day. It’s time to protect yourself.

Digital rights workshop at auIGF

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Digital Rights Watch joined a panel workshop at the Australian Internet Governance Forum in October 2016, looking at the development of digital rights in Australia and assessing the current state of play.

Digital Defenders guide to privacy

A graphic novel from European Digital Rights, designed to help young people between 10-14 years understand how to protect their privacy.

Concerns around proposed amendments to Privacy Act

Digital Rights Watch have raised deep concerns over proposed changes to the Privacy Act, citing the need for community and expert consultation before any legislation is introduced.

Restore faith in the Census

The conduct of this year’s census raises serious and pressing ethical, legal, security and technological concerns. Join the call for Prime Minister Turnbull to act.

Independent inquiry needed into #Censusfail

An independent inquiry is needed to restore faith in the Australian Bureau of Statistics and Government’s ability to handle online privacy, according to online advocacy organization Digital Rights Watch.