Digital security for journalists

A free press is a cornerstone of any democracy, with journalism playing an integral role in the transparency and debate that is so important to protecting and maintaining society. Increasingly, …

Election 2019 and your digital rights

Image: Brian Klug

We’re only a few days away from the Saturday reckoning of Election 2019, and it hasn’t been the best campaign for your human rights online. Here’s a quick overview of …

Sleepwalking into a digital dystopia

Image: Binoculars / flickr

We’re in the midst of a worsening democracy deficit, and you need look no further to see this on full display than within the shambolic process around the Telecommunications and …

#KeepItOn petition delivered at IGF

Today, our friends at Access Now successfully delivered the #KeepitOn petition today at the Internet Governance Forum in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Snitch Hunt: 10th December 2016

Snitch Hunt: get a taste of the power of metadata surveillance, and compete to see who can best abuse it.

The census is too important to boycott, despite serious privacy concerns

Photo: SMH/Kirk Gilmour

One of Australia’s richest sources of statistical data has had both its reputation and trust destroyed by the decision to retain name and address data – a decision made with little consultation and with no regard to the ramifications for individual’s right to privacy. But does this warrant an overall boycott of the census?

Our vision for a free and open internet

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A democratic society will always involve some kind of negotiation between the interests of individual privacy and the need to protect people’s safety. Digital Rights Watch strives to participate in public debates about the nature of privacy using a human rights lens.